Health Centers

This section provides links to resources for community health centers in the Silver State.


Great Basin Primary Care Association

Great Basin Primary Care Association (GBPCA) is a federally funded non-profit membership organization that was founded in 1995.

GBPCA serves 330 funded and prospective federally qualified health centers, tribal health centers, other primary care clinics, and safety-net providers throughout the State of Nevada.


Health Centers / Emergency Management

Emergency Management identifies the activities and roles that health centers facilitate during a time of crisis. These activities and roles are pre-defined and collectively represent an organizational emergency plan (EP).
Emergency Management utilizes the seven areas of business continuity as defined by the National Association of Community Health Centers.

The role of health centers in responding to crisis (including disaster, emergency, or pandemic) is to support first-responders (Police, Fire, Paramedics) via coordination of:

  • Community Needs Assessment.
  • Communication to board members and staff of community health centers.
  • First-Responder Requests for Assistance (Facility Usage, etc.).
  • Primary Care Services.

Great Basin Primary Care Association collaborates with the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) to provide trainings related to emergency preparedness and planning.

To inquire about a training session, contact:

Scott Campbell
Training and Communications Coordinator
775-887-0417 x 106


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