Health Centers

This section provides links to resources for community health centers in the Silver State.


Great Basin Primary Care Association

Great Basin Primary Care Association (GBPCA) is a federally funded non-profit membership organization that was founded in 1995.

GBPCA serves 330 funded and prospective federally qualified health centers, tribal health centers, other primary care clinics, and safety-net providers throughout the State of Nevada.


Health Centers /

Community Health Centers provide high-quality primary health care to low income citizens, the uninsured, and other vulnerable populations. In Nevada, community health centers play a vital role in the delivery of primary care, especially in rural areas of the State.
Whether developing a new Community Health Center or expanding an existing one, Community Health Centers can use the experience of GBPCA to assist in clearly defining concepts for new programs and developing program enhancements that can be implemented in a defined area of the state.
This section provides resources and information for community health centers in Nevada. Please utilize the right hand side of this page for links to toolkits and other resources for health centers.


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