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This section provides links to patient resources for Nevadans.


Great Basin Primary Care Association

Great Basin Primary Care Association (GBPCA) is a federally funded non-profit membership organization that was founded in 1995.

GBPCA serves 330 funded and prospective federally qualified health centers, tribal health centers, other primary care clinics, and safety-net providers throughout the State of Nevada.


For Patients /

What is Primary Care?
Primary care includes routine check-ups, treatment for illnesses, ongoing care for chronic problems, and screening for health problems.
Where is Primary Care Offered?
Primary care is usually offered at a health center or clinic (in large practices or alone in small clinics). Health centers and clinics help keep people well!
Who are Primary Care Providers?
Primary care providers are our “family doctors” and where most people enter the health care system. It makes sense to have a primary care provider who knows you and your family and can care for you through both sick times and healthy times. They refer patients in need of more complex health care to other providers (like specialists or hospitals).
Why visit a Primary Care Provider?
People who always use the same primary care provider have a “medical home” and tend to be healthier than people who don’t have a medical home.


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